Attacco di Hamas a Israele: ragazzi al rave, donne saccheggiate dai jihadisti. Picchiati, legati, terrorizzati – Hamelin Prog

Attacco di Hamas a Israele: ragazzi al rave, donne saccheggiate dai jihadisti. Picchiati, legati, terrorizzati – Hamelin Prog

Title: Atrocity and Terror: Hamas’ Violent Attack Unleashed on Villages and Kibbutzim

In unshakable violence, the military wing of Hamas unleashed a horrifying attack on several villages and kibbutzim recently. Online footage has surfaced, documenting the unspeakable brutality carried out by the extremist group. The spokesman for Hamas, Khaled Qadomi, referred to the victims as “prisoners of war” instead of hostages.

The alarming images depict both men and women gruesomely killed or injured, armed and shouting “Allah is great”. Among these distressing visuals is a heart-wrenching video showing a terrified Israeli family, with a child unexpectedly captured, while the mother screams in despair.

Disturbingly, women are mistreated and killed while being filmed by the militants as a twisted souvenir. Unaware elderly individuals are seen in the footage, accompanied by three belligerents laughing heartily as they lead them towards the Gaza Strip. Others show signs of fear and terror.

Videos also reveal that Asian workers have been captured and forcibly taken away on motorcycles, while women and children remain trapped in armored vehicles like caged animals.

Additionally, there are images of an Israeli couple paraded around as a war trophy, as well as a girl begging for her captured companion with her hands tied behind her back.

Residents of the cities bearing witness to Hamas’ pickup trucks have captured the terrifying scenes. Oblivious cars commute as militants shoot and kill indiscriminately. The video also showcases an Israeli tank destroyed just beyond the breached or bypassed barrier, which had been infiltrated by delta planes and pickups.

Kibbutzim neighboring the wall, where Israelis could once gaze upon Palestinians on the other side, had previously enjoyed a tranquil existence. However, they now find themselves under attack.

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According to Hamas, the elders, women, and children have been taken to “safe places,” presumably within the tunnels, potentially for a prisoner exchange. It is worth noting that Israelis hold considerably greater value as hostages compared to Palestinians, posing a significant predicament for Hamas.

In a Telegram video, the Hamas leader is seen kneeling in front of a television, presumably in the safe haven of Qatar, as he prays and invokes Allah.

While news has emerged regarding 35 captured Israeli soldiers and dozens of civilians, the terror-filled images documented in the videos represent a distinct agony inflicted upon each hostage, whose individual stories may never be known.

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