Learn about the Microsoft AZ-104 Exam Topics and Why Revise with Dumps


The most important thing to find out when planning to prepare for any exam is the subject matter. Every assessment has its specific outline that allows you to see the amount of information you must learn and to understand what kind of challenge is waiting for you.

AZ-303 Microsoft Azure Architect Technologies

This post specializes in the syllabus of the Microsoft AZ-104 test which is a part of the Microsoft Certified: Azure Administrator Associate certification path. Keep reading to know more about the themes involved and how dumps can boost your training.

Exam Topics

AZ-104 test is for those concerned with administering Azure services. Author: Elsie O It covers the following areas you have to master:

  • Managing Azure governance and identities

This section includes topics such as managing AD objects for Azure as well as role-based control for access. ExamSnap AZ-304 Dumps Furthermore, learners must equip themselves with knowledge in managing subscriptions in addition to governance.

  • Implementing storage and managing it

To succeed in AZ-104 exam, you have to be conversant with how to perform management of storage data and accounts, configuring different files, and working with blob storage. Define the features of AZCopy, Azure Storage Explorer, and other tools too.

  • Deploying Azure compute resources as well as administering them

The focus of this domain is on configuring VMs to meet standards of scalability and high availability. Also, Author: Amara F you must learn to automate deployment as well as designing and configuring VMs, Web Apps, and containers. 

  • Maintaining and configuring virtual networking
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Knowledge of this topic will be very helpful in your quest to become an Azure administrator. You should learn how to take care of tasks such as implementing and running virtual networking, name resolution configuration, securing access, troubleshooting, and many more.

  • Providing monitoring and backing up of Azure resources

If you want to meet the expectations of AZ-104 and perform well in the workplace, you should learn the features of Azure Monitor and the techniques of implementing recovery and backups.

Knowing the required topics and including them in your study plan, candidates position themselves for a win. ExamSnap Site Here However, this is not the end since training methods are as crucial as the full coverage of the themes. And while there is much information about Microsoft-provided preparation resources, let’s observe one more helpful alternative which is practicing with dumps.

How Dumps Help in AZ-104 Exam Revision?

Once you have a general idea of the exam and have completed some training or went through study guides and videos, it’s time to check if you are ready to sit for the assessment. The best thing to do so is to use dumps. These materials contain actual AZ-104 questions with answers and explanations and serve as your source of trial attempts with detailed score reports. MS-900 Take them as many times as you can because what you need at this point is to correct all the mistakes and fill the knowledge gaps you might have.


Topics are the core aspect of every exam. Unless you learn them, you cannot get ready for your future job role. Now, you know what awaits you on AZ-104: Microsoft Azure Administrator test. So, use available resources including dumps to prepare yourself, and you’ll boost your chances to become a successful certification holder!

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